These are important beekeeping resources that we thought you might like!

This is the Information shared at the April meeting. There are wonderful resources just waiting. Enrollment is free!

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Latest Guide from the Honey Bee Health Coalition on Nutrition.

Contact Dana Fisher at Monarda Apiary to pre-order your beekeeping supplies. Monarda will then arrange delivery. This is the link to the oils that Cliff Best uses for his special essential oil mixtures. Mention that you are a beekeeper and maybe you could earn a discount!

Bee Informed Partnership , click the link for important resources.

October 2020 meeting presentation. source:

Honey Bee Health coalition has valuable resources for all things beekeeping!

State of Florida Beekeeper Registration Information and Compliance Agreement can be found here!

State of Florida Cottage Food Industry information:

Click here for research-based science on everything Honey Bee related!